The Stornoway Trust

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Lady Matheson

This monument was restored in 2006 and opened by the managing director of Jardine Matheson, the company Sir James Matheson set up in the Far Fast in the 1820s.  Jardines is one of the largest International conglomerates.  Matheson & Co were established in London in 1848 and are a wholly owned subsidiary of Jardine Matheson Holdings who are still based in London.  You can find more Jardine Matheson History on wikipedia.

The monument was erected by Lady Matheson in memory of her husband who bought Lews in 1846 and erected Lews Castle.  The company made large profits from the opium industry and Lady Matheson acknowledged this by embellishing the monument pillars with poppy heads.  Further information on the restoration on the Stornoway Amenity Trust site here.


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