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The Private Gardens

Illustration of the sundial

The Private Gardens wrap around the front of the Castle and were once the sole preserve of the estate owners and their guests. 

On one side is the Shoeburn, a steep sided ravine with waterfalls and a dramatic winding path leading from the Castle to the Woodlands Café, passing under the impressive span of the Matheson Bridge. 


In front of the Castle is “The Green” and is the location of the town’s major events such as the HebCelt festival. 


But the heart of the Grounds is the Sunken Garden, a natural sheltered glen which has been terraced to create a dramatic vista with a huge variety of formal and woodland plants and shrubs. 


Beyond this the Garden takes on a more natural character exemplified by the “Bowl”, an open meadow rich in wildflowers and a haven to insects and birds.


Sundaial in the castle grounds
Bee in flower at the sunken gardens
The sunken gardens after refurbishment

Private gardens

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